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We have various sizes and styles of china for your event. Chose from the elegant white rim china or for something a little different we have gold trimmed china as well.

Mikasa Fine White Bone China
                          Chop Plates,12" Sugar Bowls
                          Dinner Plates 10 1/2" Creamers
                          Luncheon Plates, 8" Round Platters, 13 3/4
                          Salad Plates, 7" Round Platters, 15 1/2

                          B & B, Dessert Plates,6

Round Platters, 17 1/2

                          Coffee Cup(s) Large Oval Platters
                          Coffee Saucer(s) Small Oval Platters
                          Coffee Mugs Pasta Bowls, 12
                          Cereal/soup Bowls Bowl(s), 14
                          Salad/Soup Bowl(s) Bowl(s), 16
                          Demitasse Cups Butter Boats
                          Demitasse Saucers  

Ivory Fine Bone China

                          Dinner Plates, 10 1/2" Coffee Cups
                          Salad Plates/Dessert 7" Coffee Saucers
                          Salad/Soup Bowl(s) Sugar Bowls & Creamers

Mikasa fine black china

                          Dinner Plates, 10 1/2 Square Coffee Saucers
                          Salad Plates, 7 1/2 Square Soup/Salad Plates
                          Coffee Cups/Mugs

White Square Plates

                          Dinner Plates, 10 1/4" Square Bread & Butter 6 1/2" Square
                          Salad Plates/Dessert 7 1/4" Square  

Gold Banned China

                          Dinner Plates, 10 1/2" Soup Bowls
                          Luncheon Plates, 8" Coffee Cups
                          Salad Plates, 7" Coffee Saucers
                          B & B /Dessert Plates, 6" Sugars Bowls & Creamers

Thumb Print Plates (plain glass)

                          7" Thumb Print Plates 6" Thumb Print Plates

Le Fleur Glass Dishes

                          Dinner Plates, 10 1/4" Coffee Cups
                          Luncheon Plates,9" Coffee Saucers
                          Soup/Salad Bowls Fruit/Sauce Dishes
                          B & B/ Dessert Plates  



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