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Flatware has the look, feel, and balance that adds class to your table setting.

Oneida Classic Shell, Stainless Steel
Dinner Knives Cocktail Forks
Steak Knives Teaspoons
Butter Knives Soup Spoons
Dinner Forks Ice Tea Spoons
Salad/Dessert Forks Demitasse Spoons

Serving pieces, Stainless Steel

Short Handle Serving Spoons Long Handle Serving Forks
Short Handle Serving Forks Gravy Ladles
Long Handle Serving Spoons Punch Ladles

Oneida Jefferson, Silver Plat

Dinner Knives Teaspoons
Butter knives Soup Spoons
Dinner Forks Bouillon Spoons
Salad/Dessert Forks Ice Tea Spoons
Cocktail Forks Demitasse Spoons

Serving Pieces, Silverplatee

Short Handle Serving Spoons Salad Tongs
Short Handle Serving Forks Pastry Tongs
Long Handle Serving Spoons Pastry Trowel
Long Handle Serving Forks Cake Knife
Gravy Ladle Cake Server
Punch Ladle Ice Tweezer Tongs



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